My hike in White Oak Canyon Falls

So I know its been a while... a long while.
But I plan on being more diligent! Here we go!
This is a Zeke post:
This weekend I got to go on a hike with my mom & dad and Aunt Whiz and Uncle Josh. We had so much fun. I rode on dad's back the first half and then rode on Uncle Josh's for the second half. Here are some pictures from our trip!

Daddy loaded me up in a backpack on his back. I had a great view from up there!

I really enjoyed looking at the trees and the water!

This was one of the cool views I saw!

We stopped at the top for some lunch. I had to stay in my backpack because crazy Mom thought we were up too high for me to run around. I was okay with it, but Aunt Whiz said I looked like a turtle!

Daddy feeding me and standing guard, making sure I don't take off.

Our beautiful view at the top, where we had lunch.

Uncle Josh took over carrying me!

I was fading slowly, getting wore out!

And I was DONE! I fell asleep on his back very quickly.

This is my idea of "hiking".