Zeke's Hair

Last night, while brushing Zeke's hair after his bath, he fell asleep. That is the only explanation I can give for these next couple photos. This is what he looked like this morning:

So tonight, while I was at volleyball, Tony decided that Zeke needed a 'trim'. I came home and this is what I saw:

He doesn't seem too upset about it. He is telling me "Hey Mom! It is JUST hair!"
I know, I know, it grows back.
I am a bit sad though, I already miss that crazy hair.
Samson lost a little strength tonight.

My Trip to Florida (Part 5) Beach Day!

On our last day in Florida my cousins and I packed up and we went to the beach for a fun day of playing in the sand and swimming! The weather was perfect! But there were a few minor hiccups:
1) They were fishing for sharks along the beach... and they caught a bunch!
2) The water was 20 degrees! (I may be exaggerating a bit)
3) I hadn't taken my morning nap and was angry as an alligator. (No exaggeration)
So I decided to do what every Woodard does best at the beach... I took an hour long nap. I curled up on Mommy's lap and slept, while the tide was crashing and a nice sea breeze was keeping me cool!
Here are a few pictures I got with my cousins before my beach snooze!

My Trip to Florida (Part 4) Swimming!

Daddy attempted to take me swimming.
Swimsuit: Check!
Floaties: Check!
Watersocks: Check!
Sunscreen: Check!
The love of water: Ooops! I knew we forgot to pack something!!
*A Zeke Blog

My Trip to Florida (Part 3) The Tent!

Queen and Papa Tyrone had a great idea for us kids! They got a tent for us!! We played with it inside and outside. We read in it, we snacked in it, we built legos in it, we really loved the tent!
Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our "cave"!
*A Zeke Blog.

What is that?!?! Wow! A tent!

The three amigos!

My Trip to Florida (Part 2) The Safari Day!

On our second day in Florida we went on an adventure!! We went to a safari that you can drive through! We had zebras and antelopes crossing right in front of the car! Then we went to the petting zoo and got to see some more animals. It was so fun!
*A Zeke Post

I am wearing my sunglasses in the drive-thru safari so the Paparazzi Zebras don't recognize me ;)

Me and Mom went on a train ride. I practiced my "Choo-Choo" sound!

Daddy helped me feed some goats. I wasn't very happy about seeing them this close.

Much to Mom's dismay I love chasing birds!

Tuckered out after a long day with the wild animals!

My Trip to Florida (Part 1)

My first couple days in Florida were great! My favorite part of my entire trip was playing with my cousins Eden and Ethan and seeing my Queen and Papa Tyrone. And of course I love seeing Auntie Tyneeka, she is so nice to me.
Here are a few pictures of me playing with my cousins around the house. I sure do love them!
**A Zeke Post

The funniest part of this picture is Zeke's reflection & the face he is making at Eden.

Monkey See Monkey Do!

Uh Oh! Kissing Cousins!!! I sure do love my Eden!

Enjoying a little rest with Queen by the water.

Me, Queen, and Ethan!

In Florida!

This week we are in Florida visiting Queen & Papa Tyrone! Cousin Eden & Ethan are also with us! I will be posting pictures soon of the three kids playing together!!!! Check back in a day or two to see them!

Our snow angel again!

So I am having issues with my "Snow Angel" picture. Besides the screaming Zeke in the picture, the issue was I couldn't get the picture to show up bigger when you click on it. So I am trying this again.