A Snow Day!!

We got quite the snowstorm! A snowy day at the McCloud's House starts with a bath, then a book, then an adventure into the snow!
Here are some highlights from the day's events:

Not too sure of this...

He sure does look like Tony in this one..

Zeke and Daddy have the same boots on!

Last but not least... best picture of the day.... our "snow angel"

Who needs a treadmill?

So while making dinner tonight Tony and Zeke proved to me that we don't need to buy a treadmill. We have a dining room!!! I caught the exercise on tape after a few laps.

Also here are some pictures of Zeke as a big boy.

Just When You Think You Have Seen It All

I spend the majority of my day thinking of things to amuse myself. They usually end up costing me and Casey money or they involve planning a trip around the world. Tonight I found that all I ever needed was in my gym bag- a pair of swimming goggles! Zeke somehow found them and they transformed him from a 15 month old to a 30lb jockey in the Kentucky Derby. His aunt got him a play horse that plays music and bounces. We will now be calling the horse "DroolBiscuit".
*a Tony post

Zeke vs. The alphabet

Some experts think that the way you teach young children about the alphabet should include a song. Others think it should include personification of the different letters. These methods, although, do not compare to the McCloud method of learning the alphabet. This method has been solely developed by Ezekiel McCloud. I won't try and explain the method, it is relatively self-explanatory. Watch the videos... and feel free to use this program (we cannot guarantee results).

A boy like his mom.

Zeke officially has proven himself as my son. Last night, after a bath, I began his nightly routine. Once he was lotioned up and his pajamas were on I turned the bedroom light out in his nursery. I then picked him up to get a few last hugs and snuggles in before I laid him down in his crib. While hugging on him he pulled away from me (This is very odd). He then proceeded to point and reach for his crib. Like he was saying "Look Mom, I am pooped, just let me get to bed". I laid him down, he tucked his knees under his chest and proceeded to shut his eyes. He was asleep before I could get out of the room. Tony will tell you that I can sleep through a hurricane (true story), and that I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow. We now realize that Zeke, unlike most kids who want to stay up and play, is a huge fan of sleeping. I love that as they grow we get to see our traits in our children. What a blessing! On that note, goodnight!

Sunday at the McCloud's

It is Sunday after church and Zeke is playing with toys and looking at books. We got video because we are excited about Zeke learning about the noises that animals make. So here it is. He is quiet about it, but if you turn the volume up you can hear him saying woof woof and meow. We are currently working on ducks and their "quacks". Enjoy!
Oh, and Eden and Ethan got Zeke a horse that he rides on, so we have that video on here too! He loves it!

Our First Post!

The McCloud Family has decided to create a blog to document Ezekiel's exciting developments, funny quirks, up to date pictures and most of all to keep our out-of-town family and friends in the loop of his life. We are excited to be able to share with you the craziness of this little/big blessing we love so much! So, with that said, enjoy!! Keep checking back for updates and new pictures!