My Trip to Florida (Part 5) Beach Day!

On our last day in Florida my cousins and I packed up and we went to the beach for a fun day of playing in the sand and swimming! The weather was perfect! But there were a few minor hiccups:
1) They were fishing for sharks along the beach... and they caught a bunch!
2) The water was 20 degrees! (I may be exaggerating a bit)
3) I hadn't taken my morning nap and was angry as an alligator. (No exaggeration)
So I decided to do what every Woodard does best at the beach... I took an hour long nap. I curled up on Mommy's lap and slept, while the tide was crashing and a nice sea breeze was keeping me cool!
Here are a few pictures I got with my cousins before my beach snooze!


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