My new words

A lot has happened in the last two months. We took a brief trip to the hospital (eeks), we moved, we celebrated Daddy's 30th birthday, we got to host Mommy and Daddy's good friend Amanda from New Hampshire (I really like her!), and much much more!

I am loving having a backyard at my new house. I went in my little pool the other day, which is a huge improvement, previous to this I didn't like water (except for my bathtime). I am climbing EVERYTHING. My mommy has a daily heart attack because of this. I can't wait to show Aunt Liz and Uncle Josh, they will be so impressed with my climbing skills. I also am a huge fan of somersaults. I do them daily! But my big development this last month has been my words! I am slowly picking some new ones up! Banana, Juice, Moon, Dog, Duck, Boat, Ewww (like yuk), Dude, Cheese, Boo and of course Dada and Mama. And my favorite animal sounds recently is a horse's neigh. I also am really digging construction equipment/vehicles (pardon the pun). And I LOVE making the noise that fire trucks make... weeeuuuuw weeeuuuw! Below are some pictures that Aunt Carley took of me around the house. We have so much fun together!


Vanita said...

I love Carley's photos. It looks like they are having big fun. I miss that handsome boy!

Liz said...

Where have you been since JUNE!!! I am in official withdrawal!!

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